Helping startups grow

Before joining Egencia, I spent a few years cutting my teeth in the world of Chicago startups. It was a wonderful opportunity to practice a wide variety of skills. From visual design to UX, I was the one-stop shop for everything design-related on my teams. These experiences helped me become an adaptable teammate, passionate advocate for users, and quick problem-solver.

Managing food allergies with Spokin

I spent a year helping Spokin, a platform dedicated to making managing food allergies easier, launch their first iOS app. I was responsible for the entire experience, working with the CEO to brainstorm and sketch, then testing, iterating, and creating final prototypes to share with developers.

News Feed experience

The Spokin app was designed to be a hub for all content related to food allergies, from restaurant reviews to medical guides. I created a News Feed style homepage so users could stay informed and discover new information pertaining to their allergies.


Recommended businesses

Spokin collected reviews for a variety of businesses: restaurants, doctors, packaged foods, camps, and more. Each reviewed item had a dedicated page where users could see how it was rated specifically by users with their same allergies.


Customized to every allergy

The most important aspect of the app was to make sure users only saw information pertaining to their specific allergies. They could even see menu items that contained their allergen but might not be labeled, as reported by fellow users.


Getting smarter every day with Curiosity

Before Spokin, I was the first dedicated designer to join Curiosity, a media platform dedicated to educational content. Curiosity curated videos and fun facts about science and technology, but needed help building out their user experience.

Curiosity's first iPad app

I designed and launched Curiosity's first iPad app. The experience was designed for users to scroll through a daily digest of fun facts they could dive deeper into with videos and related articles.


Mobile app experience

I also helped improve the mobile app experience. Before, users could see one of the daily fun facts, watch the related video, but had nothing else to engage with. I wanted to make sure there was always a hook into something new, so I added related videos, tags, and a "smart heart" button: a way for users could keep track of (and brag about) every fact they learned in the app.


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